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LSEP training
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Offer for LSEP training and cooperation during development of local (municipal, regional) energy plans and municipal/regional energy efficiency programs

How could this training be useful and interesting for you?

Local Sustainable Energy Planning ( LSEP ) is an up - to - date and practically orientated concept for organization of the municipal and regional activities in the energy field. Special attention is paid to the local priorities and opportunities, especially the utilization of the local renewable energy resources (hydro resource, biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy and wind energy) and application of energy efficiency measures. Thus defined, energy planning follows ascending course from the specific case towards larger communities and objectives and is in line with the competitive market. LSEP should be treated as an integral part of the municipal plans for sustainable development and regional development programs.


The training is organized as a combination of lectures and exercises (5 days) on site i. e. full support on the part of our experts, during the initial development of the local plan and the respective energy studies and analysis for a period of 10 working days.


The training is based on a specially develop LSEP methodology (including municipal/regional EE program), whereas the user's guideline is provided to all the trainees on CD. The guideline is intended for a wide range of consumers. Following the recommendations, the stakeholders could easily develop their own energy plan and develop their municipal/regional EE program. Consulting services will be required only when specific renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are selected.

The methodology is related with the application of software for detailed analysis of the economic potential and prognosis on the market penetration of the different types of technologies computer model SAFIRE, developed by ESD Ltd. UK in cooperation with ESD-Bulgaria under EC funded project. The software is specially adjusted to the type of the preliminary information, which can be collected in the Bulgarian communities and provides opportunities the analysis to be based on actual and provisioned energy prices and costs.

LSEP provides an opportunity for selection of economically feasible local energy projects. The successful implementation of these types of projects is related with a number of benefits for the specific local community, including: attraction of investments, employment, improvement of infrastructure and environment. Special attention should be paid to the possibilities of improving the social conditions, especially in the field of education and health.

LSEP (including the municipal/regional energy efficiency program) has been successfully applied in several Bulgarian municipalities: Kustendil, Sapareva Bania, Kocherinovo, Velingrad, Teteven and Silistra.

The newly adopted Energy Efficiency Law defines the responsibilities of the mayors for data collection and action plans in the sphere of energy (Art .6). The suggested LSEP training provides you with the opportunity to turn this obligation into your advantage.


"ESD-Bulgaria" organizes LSEP training courses, providing the trainees with all the necessary documents and guidelines.


Certificates will be issued to the trainees who have successful passed the sustainable energy planning training course.




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