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LSEP guidance

LSEP Guidance


The Local Sustainable Energy Planning (LSEP) Methodology is developed by the consultants from the ESD-Bulgaria Ltd. and ESD Ltd. UK under the DFID funded project capacity building project completed in March 2003. The Methodology has been used as a training tool during the implementation of the next phase of the project LSEP: Planning for Sustainable Communities in Bulgaria .

This methodology describes in detail all the steps for the development of the Sustainable Energy Plan.

"LSEP Guidance gives answers of the different questions as

How to collect the data

What are the main methods for assessment of teorethical potential of RES and practical examples

What are the existing RE technologies and which of them are applicable in specific situation

Criterions for selection of RES investment projects

How to develop investment project proposals


"LSEP Guideline" - contens

Purpose of the LSEP Guideline

Objective of LSEP

Instruction for use of Guidance

Activities, involved in LSEP development

Main tasks

Assessment of local RES potential

EE measures (energy saving tehnologies at the demand side-organizational measures)

Assessment of the RUE market potential and market penetration

Selection of applicable RES technologies and energy efficiency measures

Energy plan matrix

Development of investment project proposals (fiches)

Action plan



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